Suite 7, 59 Doncaster East Road Mitcham, Victoria
Phone: (130) 066- 8904
Free Installation of Vending Machine in Melbourne

A bit about vendlink

Have you ever seen staff’s hungry face during busiest business or after hours? 

Have you ever thought about providing your customers or employees a snack or drink in no time and without leaving the working area or building?

We have got the solution: VendLink!

VendLink provides the best quality snacks and cold drinks right when you need them. We are providing technologically advanced vending machines and very friendly and reliable operators all over Melbourne.



Why VendLink?

  • Free installation at any location in Melbourne.
  • Wide product range of snacks, meals and drinks including popular and local brands.
  • Regular refills.
  • Our vending machines are Healthy products vending machines.
  • Vendlink is huge company so you can have more options and variety.
  • Very reliable machines, accepts coins and notes.
  • Vendlink`s Vending machines is incorporated with VendAssureTM  technology, eliminate issues with refund from vending machines. 
  • 100% Australian owned business.


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