Suite 7, 59 Doncaster East Road Mitcham, Victoria
Phone: (130) 066- 8904
Free Vending Machines Services Melbourne Australia

Vendlink Services

Vendlink offers an Elite service all over Melbourne and surrounding areas.  Vendlink specialises in a range of vending machines, either drinks or snacks, or a combination of both, and also high quality coffee vending machines. 

 We always listen to our customers and follow up the request right away. Our goal is to keep our customers happy, by providing well-known essential products at the right place at the right time.  Our operators are not just stock fillers but technicians who offer great unique services such as:

  • Listening to our customers.
  • Free Vending services for your workplace or factories.
  • Providing monthly feedback from customers and reporting to our head office.
  • Rotating products and regularly introducing new products to satisfy consumer’s wants and needs.
  • Providing a range of large products.
  • Regularly cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of vending machine at each visit.
  • Responding to queries or issues immediately.
  • Offering corporate vending machines accounts as well.

 We are a corporate and large site vending specialist. Our vending service is extremely focused on elite customer service, by regularly stocking and maintaining the performance of our service. If you have more than one location in Melbourne or other surroundings, all it takes is just one call to Vendlink to cater for each and every location.


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